Retro/Grade has officially been in development for over a year!

According to our revision control, I believe the first check in for Retro/Grade was on 9/10/08. This was about a month and a half before the deadline for the 2009 IGF festival. We crunched like crazy trying to get something impressive together for the IGF. Fortunately, despite our limited production time, we were able to get the IGF judges excited about our game. Now, I can assure that the game is really taking shape and has come a long way from both our original demo for the IGF and the audience award public demo (which is still available on Steam or our Retro/Grade site). The game is a lot more fun than that demo though. I promise!

Anyway, we hope you’ll be impressed with all the hard work we’ve put into it over the past year when you get to play it. Unfortunately, we probably won’t do another demo until the game is completed in 2010 because demos take a lot of time, and we really want to focus on making the game. If you don’t hear much from us on this blog, don’t worry! It’s because we are hard at work making the world’s best reverse rhythm ‘em up – not because we forgot about our fans. :-D


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  1. Keep up the good and hard work guys! You’ve got a sale waiting for you right here when it comes out.

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